LP Relations

Transparency and timely communications are key to a sponsor firm's successful investor relations program. We assist our sponsor clients in accomplishing this by monitoring LP perceptions, tracking disclosure trends, providing counsel regarding best practices in managing LP relationships, organizing LP meetings, producing quarterly and special communications, and handling all the logistics involved in such activities.

LP Surveys

Broadgate Consultants regularly gauges the thoughts of opinions leaders, and as part of this ongoing program, has reached out to the limited partner community to solicit their ideas about developing trends, from fundraising to performance expectations. These surveys are conducted in cooperation with Private Equity Online and PrivateEquity Central.Net and are then widely disseminated to the private equity community.

Annual LP Meetings

Annual limited partner meetings present an opportunity for general partners to communicate their strategies and visions to their limited partners. Broadgate has a specialized practice area devoted to planning and managing the entire LP meeting process.

From negotiating with vendors to developing your message, we can make planning the annual LP meeting a seamless process by:

  • Ensuring a consistent message;
  • Setting the appropriate tone;
  • Efficiently using the sponsor firm's time;
  • Providing vendor selection, negotiation and on-site meeting management;
  • Creating compelling and memorable presentation slides and videos;
  • Video and audio taping the event for historical and marketing purposes;
  • Creating collateral materials such as invitations, signage and name tags.

The LP Reporting System

Through our affiliation with a private equity technology services provider, we also offer a password-protected and secure Web-based reporting system for LPs to access detailed fund and capital account information in a timely and efficient manner. This system frees up valuable time for GPs and addresses the growing concern over transparency in the private equity fund industry. Feel free to contact us for more information about the Web-based LP reporting system.