Issues Management and Crisis Communications

Private equity investing often entails the occurrence of complex and delicate situations. A critical component of our work for our clients is the task of identifying issues, clarifying the firm's position and preparing the most appropriate communications strategy for the firm. Should an issue escalate into a crisis, we work to manage the situations that could impact our clients' reputations or the perceived value of their investments. Controlling the message, particularly at the portfolio company level where communications resources may be scarce, is an area where we offer informed perspective and hands-on issues management.

Broadgate advises clients on various issues that may arise, including delicate special situations such as earnings surprises, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate crises, management changes and financial restructurings.

Particularly key in this regard is the proper positioning of financial restructurings, which are of intense interest to the media and of critical importance to a company's eventual financial health. In an effort to make sure that such announcements and the ensuing process are viewed as positive and appropriate for its clients, Broadgate plays a major role in:

  • Planning and managing external and internal communications;
  • Acting as corporate spokespersons for investors and the media during the restructuring process;
  • Identifying third-party support to reinforce the company's message. As in a time of crisis, experts from the trade and professional groups, academia, vendors and suppliers and industry analysts are viewed as more objective and credible; and
  • Conducting briefing and evaluation sessions with management, recommending ways that a company can strengthen or improve its communications.